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The key to a great social media strategy is in its simplicity. Just be awesome.

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In educating our clients on the intricacies of a great social media strategy, we at Webrank always try to paint a real-word picture to accurately convey our points.  We found an incredible cartoon at The Oatmeal that will greatly help with us paint this picture:

Be a Good Friend

Say you have this friend.  This friend is a talker.  You know the type, usually just speaking to hear their own voice.  Often, the subject winds up with some sort of self-promotion or trying to lead you in a decision that may benefit them but not necessarily you as well.  You value this friendship, but really only enough to not hurt your friend’s feelings.  To accomplish a desired state of a more distant & non-confrontational friendship status, you must slowly start to tune them out of your life.  When you are around this friend you really don’t pay attention, definitely don’t place value on what the friend has to tell you, and are usually trying to find a point of rescue or escape.

Now, say you have this OTHER friend.  This friend always seems to add something great to your life.  Whether its bringing just the right thing to your party, telling you about something awesome that might be right under your nose, sharing great experiences with you, or always suggesting killer restaurants.  This friend you really enjoy talking to.  You may not call this person everyday | every week |  every year, but when this person calls you, you smile and ALWAYS answer.  You value the communication that you and this friend share.

A great social media begins by YOU or your company becoming that great friend, not the super annoying friend that really doesn’t add any value to your being.  Its seems so easy, and it can be, but many complicate this process so much that they loose their way in an effective strategy.  In social media, you can become this great friend by producing great content, that’s it.  Content that your friends will appreciate, find useful, and of course want to share with their friends.  To some it up:  just be awesome

Social Media and Content Marketing

What kind of primo content do we speak of?  Well, it’s different for everyone, and this the key behind content marketing.  Drop us a line here at Webrank Media and let’s talk, we’ll hook you up with a custom social media strategy that conceived is just for you.  Our social media consultants will teach you exactly what kind of media to produce that will strengthen and expand your social network while adding authority and value to your brand.  We can make you awesome.

This cartoon by The Oatmeal sums it up wonderfully, check it out: