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What Does the Introduction of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Mean to Web Developers? A Whole Lot.

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With this week’s introduction of Microsoft’s “Surface” tablet, web developers all over the world should be realizing one key point: This tablet was made to replace the laptop and PC. All of Microsoft’s Surface marketing, features, and hopefully price-point is screaming the message that MS wants consumers to hear. This is a personal computing device, not a tablet. Now, what does this mean for web developers and marketers? It means that we should no longer be developing websites to look beautiful on laptops and PC’s, but sites that will look super awesome on any device.

A Big Step in the Shift from PC’s & Laptops to Tablets for Working and Everyday Use

Of course, we at Webrank Media have long known this swing in paradigm. Our latest web projects are now fully responsive. What does this “responsive” mean you ask? Well, responsive website designs rearrange themselves to fit whatever size screen they are being viewed on. This means no more PC-only or mobile-only sites, and no more having to add sub-domains to main urls to achieve mobile-friendly goodness. Basically, cross-platform compatibility all on one place. One url to rule them all.

Stay tuned, our first two responsive designs should be out in about two weeks, and they are awesome. The BEST part of all this responsiveness: no more having to build 2 or 3 websites to ensure a sweet presence on every device. Nope, just one, and that means a HUGE cost savings for all. So we have that going for us, which is nice.


Get Your Business Mobile… Yesterday

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Mobile phones and tablets are revolutionizing the way we use the internet.  More people are now accessing the web on mobile devices that personal computers and laptops.  Mobile users are a different breed that pc people.  The mobile user is motivated, impatient, and picky.  They do not want to re-size and navigate your site with even two fingers.  Mobile websites should be effective, easy, and fit whatever screen they are being viewed on.  Your business’s website needs to be mobile friendly, yesterday, because your competition’s will be (if they are not already!)

Contact the Webrank team if your business or website needs to get mobile.  Mobile website has gotten more and more affordable in just this most recent year with the popularity of HTML5, mobile plugins, and really nice responsive designs.  Developing a really nice and super functional mobile website probably doesn’t cost as much as you think.

Drop us a line on our Contact Page and see for yourself.


3 Reasons to Choose Boutique Web Development VS. Large Corporation

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Several large companies offering web development are putting out some great stuff, there is no doubt about that.  However, there are some pretty lofty drawbacks to dealing with large corporate entities when it comes to web design and development.  We often get asked – Why should I choose Webrank Media for my website over corporate entities such as Wix.com or Hubspot.com?  Well here it is…


Corporations are WAY to good at drawing in clients with free services and then charging for those SAME services once the client has become in-twined with their company and web design software.  Sure you will save $ in the short term, but in the long term it will wind up costing you MUCH more.  Clients often do not realize that small to medium monthly payments add up.  If they get you on the hook for $99 per month, your stuck for the life of your website.  In two years, you have paid $2,400+ for a website that may not have cost nearly that to develop using a boutique web development firm such as Webrank.

Business to Web Integration

Big companies that do web development work on hundred if not thousands of projects at once.  They boast personal touch and support, but can it be effectively delivered with that kind of volume?  We say no.  Our internet professionals dig deep into your business to discover how you should be best represented on the web and what your audience is looking for in websites and web media within your market.  Customer service reps may brag similar services, often don’t pony up and personal touch is lost.

Mobile Devices and Tablets

Many of these big web development houses do not even offer mobile development, a key factor to future online success.  Others do work in Flash, which is greatly disliked by Apple products and usually will not function on them at all.  Since Apple is leading the way in mobile device technology, why would you want a website that doesn’t work on their products?  Here at Webrank, we are all HTML 5 and Javascript, no Flash will be found on our sites.  We were within Web 2.0 standards before they were standard.