What Does the Introduction of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Mean to Web Developers? A Whole Lot.


With this week’s introduction of Microsoft’s “Surface” tablet, web developers all over the world should be realizing one key point: This tablet was made to replace the laptop and PC. All of Microsoft’s Surface marketing, features, and hopefully price-point is screaming the message that MS wants consumers to hear. This is a personal computing device, not a tablet. Now, what does this mean for web developers and marketers? It means that we should no longer be developing websites to look beautiful on laptops and PC’s, but sites that will look super awesome on any device.

A Big Step in the Shift from PC’s & Laptops to Tablets for Working and Everyday Use

Of course, we at Webrank Media have long known this swing in paradigm. Our latest web projects are now fully responsive. What does this “responsive” mean you ask? Well, responsive website designs rearrange themselves to fit whatever size screen they are being viewed on. This means no more PC-only or mobile-only sites, and no more having to add sub-domains to main urls to achieve mobile-friendly goodness. Basically, cross-platform compatibility all on one place. One url to rule them all.

Stay tuned, our first two responsive designs should be out in about two weeks, and they are awesome. The BEST part of all this responsiveness: no more having to build 2 or 3 websites to ensure a sweet presence on every device. Nope, just one, and that means a HUGE cost savings for all. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

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